maria b davis


At a young age I learned that words alone couldn’t completely express what I wanted to say.  Shy, and lacking somewhat in oral communication in my youth; I added pictures to help fill in the blanks. Now as an adult I create mostly abstract images in my oil pastels, while my photographs and other work tends to be in digital form.

In my digitally manipulated photography, I do not have a set idea of what will materialize. The photos determining the direction I should take, as I alter them.  The result is a multi-layered work consisting of my visual thoughts and emotions, expressing my spiritual connection to the world. If one saw my work as a whole, one may get a sense of who I am and how I look at things, although I suppose that is true about most art.  I leave a record of sorts for my family, friends and perhaps those who are curious. The following pages contain a glimpse into my little corner of the universe.

I enjoy the use of bright colors in my oil pastels.  I’d like to believe it’s a reflection of the more vibrant part of my being that doesn’t always get to be expressed in my everyday world.  They are also reflective of my spiritual view of life.  The feelings they convey are generally positive and hopeful-something I aspire to be on a daily basis.

Aside from my fine art I’ve been known to perform exhibitions of sword fighting, fan and levitation stick dancing with a group of local friends. I didn’t fully realize the potential of my physicality to be a form of expression, although some might say the idea is obvious. I’ve put some practice vids and some pics on the site for reference.

I enjoy having a creative and productive life.  I am a dreamer and a doer.  Welcome to my site.